Coach J is nothing if he isn’t energetic and passionate about people. Whether it is personal or health related, Coach J can inspire change and growth in anyone. His uplifting attitude won him Los Angeles Valley College’s "Most Inspirational Player" 2 years in a row!

He started coaching over 17 years ago with humble beginnings at a local community centre where his focus was youth development and leadership, while sharpening the players basketball skills. He continued his work at Los Angeles’ Monarch Basketball Camp and is currently with Elite Camps where he continues to shape campers into skilled basketball players and teaching them to become self motivated individuals. The lesson is always beyond the skill.

With a keen interest in sports and athletics, Coach J discovered a passion for Fitness Training. He has spent the last 10 years working as a Personal trainer in the Toronto area. During those years he developed his own unique freestyle training. His professionalism and personality has created relationships with clients that will always be revered.

His expertise in Fitness Training is in weight loss, cardio conditioning, group circuit training, sports specific training and strength development. However, Coach J has also spent the last 5 years working alongside individuals with special needs, helping to develop their personal skills through sports and exercise. He takes the same approach with the children and teens he works with. For him, it’s not only about fitness, but about leadership, goal setting and success, in health and personal development. He believes that every person has the capacity to succeed in life if and when they choose to be a team player; "Together Everyone Achieves More"

Coach J is also a certified kickboxing instructor with Fitness Kickboxing Canada and is a kettlebell  affiliate trainer with Kbell Training Academy.   

Coach J is the owner of Freestyle 5ive FitnessTM  and has created a personal and group training program called Freestyle 5ive Fitness Training RopesTM This program is base on the use of training ropes for particular athletic movements and cardio conditioning.

April 2018
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